Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Calm before the storm

This week is a kind of vacation week for me. I'm waiting for my orientation date with Target. I don't go in until Friday afternoon for Ross. So until then, I've been playing catch-up with housework, bills and rest.

The kids start tumbling in at about 3:00 with papers to sign, homework to do and tummies to fill. Kylie proudly brought home a dog tag she had earned from reading a bunch of books. She says she's going to wear it every day. Her writing is getting better and better and she doesn't need to be put down to a lower math class after all. Kade, the other one I was worried might be too far behind, is also doing well in class. He still struggles with his reading, but he's catching up quickly. He has a lot of enthusiasm and tells me occasionally in his exuberant voice, "THANKS, Mom, for sending me to school! I like it!"

Each day, the kids bring home their agendas along with their homework. For the younger kids, I sign each agenda to let the teachers know that I've looked over homework. Sometimes, there's a note in them. For Keva, her teacher writes daily notes. The older kids use their agendas to write their assignments as needed. I don't think Keri Lynn or Kristofer even use theirs, but Kathleen does. And always everyone has PTA fliers, fundraiser paperwork, event information. That mountain of paperwork gets piled in the middle of the table and eventually tossed in the trash. It's getting so that I'm pretty fast at going through the papers.

Fall has definitely arrived now. The weather is very erratic, but with the drought, the leaves are falling faster as the trees go dormant quicker. I don't think I'll ever get used to the hundreds of shades of colors as I drive down the road or look out a window. The leaves fall in gorgeous swirls, and before we know it everything will be stark and cold again. Just like that! I'm putting away shorts and flip-flops and bringing out turtlenecks and sweaters.


Miss Constance said...

Yeah! I am your first comment! Good for me...Wait this comment is for you. I am happy to hear about the jobs. You can do it, Jackie. You and GOD together. I love you and we are praying for you...
Love, Connie (better known as FAVORITE ONE)

Jackie said...

Favorite One, good to hear from you!