Friday, November 02, 2007

Fully employed!

I've got another job at Target! Yay! I'll be a seasonal worker, cashier, $8 per hour. Hopefully about 30 hours per week during the day.

Six weeks ago, when I started looking for work, I would have been rolling my eyes at myself. Retail? $8 an hour? You've got to be kidding! But now? I'm just thankful for employment.

Thank You, Lord! Thank You for Your blessings in every situation. Thank you for employment for the two months before I start substitute teaching.

Yesterday, I worked my second day at Ross. It was just a four hour shift, but I got some good training directly from the store manager, got my name badge, and ended up working my own register for a couple of hours. The till was balanced by the time I was done -- which made me inordinately happy! My co-workers are all very nice, and even the customers are nice, for the most part. The grumpy ones I just ignore. Experience has taught me that some people just never learned their manners.

It will still take at least a few more weeks before I actually see any money and still a few more weeks after that before the money starts actually making a dent in our financial crisis, but at least now we're heading away from the cliff rather than toward the cliff.


Qtpies7 said...

Praise the Lord! $8 an hour isn't so bad. It could be worse, and it is something to get through! It is really neat to see you get seasonal jobs while waiting on a better job, the timing is pretty cool!

Jackie said...

I agree, Lisa. God is so good to us.

jennifer said...

Good for you. I have heard lots of people praise Dave Ramsey..have you heard of him?

Bill and I have really lived a very conservative life for awhile prior to his accident so we had very little debt. But maybe you need to check out the hype.

Maybe even downsizing, because I worry about my friend working 2 jobs to survive.

Be strong

Jackie said...

Oh, yes, I've heard of Dave Ramsey. We're actually trying to put his money principles into practice. I very much admire his methods.

Don't worry about the two jobs too much, though. It is only for a season until I can start substituting! Less than two months!