Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Teacher Notes

A typical communication week between Keva's teacher (Christy), her assistant (Melissa) and myself. Please keep in mind that Keva has a terrible time whenever her teacher is out and has the audacity to let a substitute teacher take her place. Every single time, Keva misbehaves and is a general menace until Christy comes back. Worse, she screeches all the way home on the bus and then continues on her destructive path at home. I am very unhappy with the fact that Christy will be transferring to a school in another county next year. SHE says it's because she's bought a house in that area, but I'm not so sure . . .


Melissa: Keva had a great day. She followed directions and listened well today. Have a great day!

Me: Very good! Thank you for daily reports. : )


Christy: Keva is beginning to use her fork correctly. I think she had a little too much fun stabbing the meat today! : ) Hmmm . . . .

Me: You better be really nice to Keva now. : )

Christy: We are always nice to Keva!


Christy: Still stabbing! Keva had an awesome day!

Me: Keva wants to remind you about SUBS!

Christy: I'm so glad you have a great sense of humor! It makes my job so much better!

Me: And the same to you!


Christy: Keva and I worked on throwing the knobbly wobbly ball back and forth. She is using the cheap tack without banging it. She stayed quiet during the fire drill today. All is well in Keva world today.

Me: Does she have a problem with the shrillness of fire drills? I would imagine that it wouldn't be her favorite thing.

Christy: No. It does not seem to bother her. Of course, she doesn't have a lot of time to let it bother her with us rushing her out of the building. Our light flashes but the siren is disconnected.


Christy: Have a great weekend!

And here's another week . . . Keva's class gets about six weeks of corral where they all get to ride horses! She loves it! They also take trips to various places, like Target . . .


Christy: Today was our last day of Corral. Check out Keva's ribbon!

Me: Kathleen (6th grade), on seeing the ribbon: That is so not fair! We don't get to ride horses!

Christy: Oh well -- sorry. : (


Christy: Keva did a great job today at Target. She was quiet and kept her hands down (most of the time).

Me: Keva and her class have really been getting around! How about that! You guys do a great job!

Christy: Thank you!


Christy: WARNING -- I will not be here on Friday. Keva had a great day. We worked on ordering the planets by size.

Me: That sounds like fun! Since you're not going to be here Friday, I'm going to start building some kind of protective bunker here at home.


Christy: Melissa is requesting prayer for herself tomorrow. Please pray for her. : ) Keva had a great day. We have about 7-8 pull-ups. You don't have to send them in until next week.

Me: Oh, I'm so sorry, Melissa! Hang in there tomorrow! I'll pray for you if you pray for me for when Keva comes home!


Melissa: No Dishman! Despite the fact that our fearless leader was gone, Keva had an okay day. The morning was awesome but she finally realized by afternoon that SOMEONE was missing. Have a great weekend. (Noted later in the day) Keva has FINALLY realized at 3:05 that Dishman really is not here so I thought the bus driver could benefit from the splints today. Have fun this afternoon. I will be praying for you on my way home.

Perhaps this gives you a glimpse into life with Keva. The splints are occasionally used to keep Keva from constantly putting her hands to her mouth. They also help calm her down when she gets to excited.

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