Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer Vacation in full swing

Today, Keri Lynn went to a softball game and when Keith brought her back, Keith and I took Keva to her teacher's wedding in a dinky town named Williamson. It was about an hour's drive. In between were a lot of trees and cow pastures. It just brought to mind just how rural it is around here. Newnan is downright metropolitan when compared to these little towns around it.

The wedding was beautiful. Keva didn't do anything embarrassing during the ceremony. The food was yummy complete with the little weenie dogs wrapped in crescent rolls. I can't think of any cake I like more than wedding cake. I got the most adorable picture of Keva with her teacher.

I can't believe that the first week of summer vacation has already flown right on by. Kathleen and Kylie have spent literally half the nights since school's been let out sleeping over at friends' houses. And we've taken kids to two birthday parties. Kade and Konner went to a friend's house today, and last week, Kylie went to a slumber birthday party. That's because it's BIRTHDAY BONANZA MONTH for the next couple of months.

Today is my twin nieces' birthday. So happy birthday to Christine and Danielle in California. Here's a big cyber space hug for the both of you.

{{ hug }}

Did you feel it?

Then, my niece Lola's birthday is next on the 2nd. Then, Keri Lynn's (cough,cough) 17th birthday on the 4th. Ginger King's birthday on the 5th. My beloved (however neglected friend) Cathy's birthday on the 6th. And then, we can't forget the anniversaries. The Kings' anniversary was on May 27. Then, Kirby and Natasha's anniversary was on the 29. And coming just around the corner is Mom and Rich's anniversary on June 12. This is all just in three short weeks. Congratulations to you all.

Speaking of congratulations, I also did just hear that my brother, Danny and his wife Jessica are expecting their first child. We're absolutely thrilled for them! It's times like these when we're glad that God created nine months of pregnancy just to get used to the fact that there's a little one coming into the world!

Keri Lynn has the nerve to go on choir tour over her birthday. So we'll be having a party for her when she returns. I'm not sure when exactly because on the weekend after she returns she's supposed to take the ACT -- the standardized test that will be submitted to colleges. No pressure. Absolutely no pressure. She's fine. We're. All. Very. Calm.

Keri Lynn and Kristofer leave for choir tour tomorrow. They'll be gone eight days and will be singing at youth detention centers across Georgia. The church web site posts some great pictures of youth trips on their web site First Baptist Church Newnan. It's always fun to see their progress throughout the week. This will be Keri Lynn's third choir tour and Kristofer's first. Next year, the music pastor is planning a choir tour to Japan! Every four years, the choir goes international. It will be Keri Lynn's senior year, too. A big deal!

The weather is starting to warm up as we edge toward summer. We've gotten a few thunderstorms, but mostly it's just been beautiful. We've had enough rain to take the edge off of drought woes. We still can't wash our cars in the driveway or let the kids play in the sprinklers on the grass, but -- thank God! -- we have quite a few neighbors with pools! The kids are already getting great tans and sun highlights in their hair!


June said...

It's My birthday on the 8th!

Qtpies7 said...

It is still insanely cold here in Minnesota! I'm about to put a jacket on in the house today!!!!
It rains nearly every day right now, too. Cold and wet.
We had one day where I was close to sweating, but then back to cold!