Monday, May 26, 2008

Easter Pageant

Kylie and Kade wait for their grand entrance to welcome Jesus!
Kade: "I'm excited."
Funny story alert: So Keith left his Bible at church a few weeks ago. I got a email from the church secretary saying that she thought my husband had left a Bible, but there was no name. She thought it might be ours. When Keith got it back, he said that yes, there had been a family picture in it, so they must have figured it was ours, but he wondered what they thought of his picture in "drag". He had one of the Easter pictures of him in his stage make-up getting ready for his part as one of the Magi coming to worship the baby Jesus. At least he didn't leave his Bible in a restaurant or somewhere else where the picture could have been understood out of context!
The King is about to eat his lunch!
Is he just not the cutest kid ever!
Kathleen takes her turn putting on stage make-up. She's a pro. She does this all the time at home, too.
My, what big eyes you have, Konner.
Keva had a blast during the Pageant preparations. While I helped put make-up on people, she sat in her chair behind the person I was working on and yanked on their hair and costume. Then, she'd giggle about it insanely.
Keva and Keri Lynn practice dancing.
The Sanctuary waiting for celebrations to begin
The Fellowship Hall where participants made ready
Here I am putting make-up on Keri Lynn
Some of the stories going around the tables were hilarious.
Breath-taking girl
Kristofer did the spotlight! (I know, I can't believe I don't have a picture of him!)
Chris Irish played Jesus again this year. He does such a good job . . .
. . . and the kids love him!

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