Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Kings' visit

When the Kings come for a visit, Ginny's arms are always full with gifts. This time, one of the gifts was Chicken Parmesan, cooked in both of our crock pots. It was so good that I've cooked it a dozen times at least since they've been gone. Here's Ginny in front of the crock pots. It lasted for two whole dinners for four adults and 11 kids.
Here are some of the kids playing Smash Brothers, I think, in the family room.
And what happens to the rest of the house when they're playing video games, you might ask? Well . . . .
Here's a sampling of the boys' room. Scary, isn't it. What is SO NICE about having older children these days is that I don't have to help clean up. They clean it up themselves! Yay for independence!
Ginny made the shawl that goes so well with her outfit. Isn't it nice! She liked the pattern so much that she made me a variation of it!
Here we are with our shawls. I love mine! I got it just in time for the last part of the cold season, and now (sadly) it's packed away until fall. I'll enjoy getting it back out again.
Ginny and Kerry -- who by the way -- are celebrating their 18th anniversary this week! Congratulations, y'all!
Here we are in our traditional Guest Pose at the Fireplace. : )


the good, the bad & the ugly said...

You are so photogenic! Your smile is infectious!

Jackie said...

Awww, thanks!