Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We are snowed in today. At least the kids and I are. We ended up maybe getting about an inch of snow and then a little ice to top it all off, just enough to make the roads very slippery. The news footage of Atlanta freeways show just a few brave travelers actually on the road. Keith went into work today. He left at 8:30 when I was still in bed snoozing. I couldn't get back to sleep after he left, though, for fear of getting that phone call about some terrible accident. But he made it to work in less than an hour! Now I'm just glad I wasn't in the car with him. In fact, I'm sure he may have actually enjoyed slipping and sliding down the roads. Yikes!

I am going to attempt to actually be productive today. Yesterday, I needed to be a little closer to the bathroom than normal. I may have eaten a little too much of my own refried beans. Or maybe I got Keva's bug. Or maybe Keva had a little too much of my refried beans! At any rate, we stayed home from church and pretty much sat around being couch potatotes watching Doctor Who. It was borderline pathetic. Except that at least I made another pair of some really fun fingerless mittens. I'm trying to get a bunch done as late Christmas presents for Keva's bus driver and her assistant. They're going to need them this month particularly!

Before you know it, though, the cold weather will be done, but not soon enough for me. I think I've decided that I'd rather have hot weather. I may change my mind come August, but for now, I really dislike the cold. The snow makes it all very pretty, and I know a lot of people really enjoy it, but I'd just as soon have a nice medium weather day. Goldilocks. Not too hot and not too cold. This time last year, was slipping and sliding all over the place going to my OB appointment. We had some crazy cold weather last January! But I was not too cold, at least when I was pregant, since I was carrying around my own thermal unit. After Keegan was born, I spent a great deal of time in his little room, the warmest room in the house, snuggling him and keeping warm under a couple of blankets! Hormones are might powerful!

On the docket today: A few phone calls, get ahead on some laundry, make another pair of fingerless mittens, do some research for my diversity paper. Maybe some dishes. All while trying to stay warm!

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