Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day #2

Tomorrow will be another snow day. We've gotten into a nice pattern of winter fun. Kylie, Kade and Konner eat something for breakfast and then I don't see them for the rest of the day, except if they can't find someone to mooch lunch off of. They go off to play with neighborhood friends. The sub-freezing temperatures don't seem to bother them a bit. The dog, however, is having a hard time dealing with all of the ice, especially when he goes out to do his business. He waited all day yesterday before he finally gave up and took care of things on the ice. Poor dog.

Kristofer spends his time numbing his brain with video games. Kathleen bemoans the fact that she can't get to school and practice for her upcoming stage production. She also misses seeing her friends. Even church events were canceled for this Wednesday night because of icy road conditions, so now she's really bummed!

Keri Lynn has been back at school since Saturday, leaving a day early to beat the weather. However, she still hasn't started classes yet, as Georgia College has also had to postpone classes because of the weather.

I may be coming down with a cold. My throat has been hurting all day. I'm hoping it's just irritated by the smoke from our nonstop fire in fireplace, but I have a feeling I'm going to be miserable with a cough and cold very soon. I've already started popping a bunch of Vitamin C and drinking a ton of water. The air is very dry because of the cold. Everywhere I go, I keep shocking myself because of all the static electricity.

Keegan is enjoying everyone's attention during these snow days. Kylie has been walking him all over the house. He walks with minimal support but isn't quite ready to break out on his own yet. I've also started cutting out his formula by slowly adding whole milk to his bottle. He may not be totally ready for it, but he's going to have to be because I can't get to the store on these roads to get him more formula.

After his adventures getting to work yesterday, Keith decided to stay home today. He was only one of 25 that came to work out of 400 employees. So he's been hanging out slightly bored like the rest of us. (Except for Kylie, Kade and Konner.) I think we all need our routines back soon!

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