Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy birthday, Keegan!

A year ago today, Keegan Lee Johnson was born. Wow, has my life changed since then! Keegan has been a big part of it, of course, but when he was born, I did not have a clear direction of where I was going. I wanted to stay home with him really bad! At the same time, we were struggling mightily with our finances. So as I began to recover from my first c-section, about four months, I started looking at master's programs. I registered at LaGrange College where my friend Lisa had also registered. We decided if we got in, we'd carpool together, which took a big load off of my mind because the family van just wasn't the carpooling type of car!

Today, Keegan has a full year under his belt, by the grace of God! He is the cutest sweetest little man. And I'm half way through my master's program. I've gained more confidence and a more professional wardrobe. Our family has been adjusting to life with mom gone part of the time. However, if I have to work, the teaching profession is the way to go. We'll all be off together.

Today, on this fine Saturday, I wanted to take a moment to give a snippet of a "normal" Saturday.

I am sitting in our dining room turned office pounding away on my laptop when I should be working on a diversity paper for my January class. The smells wafting through the house are really irritating me in that our "beloved" dog has decided to sneak around and use said dining room for his bathroom area ever since we had the snow and ice for a full week outside where he has been going properly for YEARS. I am about ready to KILL HIM> But then he looks at me with those sweet brown eyes pleading forgiveness, and I let him live a little longer.

Kathleen is at the high school preparing for her final performance of her first drama production. She got some juicy roles for her first time and has done really well, especially for being a freshman. She was born a drama queen. After dinner, I'll be taking Kristofer and Kylie with me to see the performance. It will be the third time I've seen it, and I don't mind at all. It's fun to go to the theater!

Keith is sitting in the family room watching football, enjoying some free time before he heads back to his project at work on Monday. He's been working long days to meet his goals. In a few weeks, he'll be doing some traveling, which will be playing some havoc on our family life because it will be just about then that I'll be fully entrenched in my second student teaching gig.

Kristofer has been working on college applications. I'm having a hard time with the idea of another bird leaving the nest. Once again I am in denial.

Keegan is laying in his crib fussing a bit while I ignore him. I need to go find some more clean clothes for him, but I know I'm not going to find anything that will keep him warm enough! Kathleen made his birthday cake for him earlier today, but we decided that we will have it tomorrow when we're all home and can take pictures of all of us gathered around him. That way, it will look like we had a nice big birthday party for him, just like we had for Keri Lynn so many years ago when she turned one year! Hahahahaha! By the way, our family is a terrific "Rent a Party" if you ever want to invite a crowd over that can come eat your food, play your games and then go home at the same time!

Keva is also in her room. I am also ignoring her. I know she needs her pull-up changed. I could get Keith to do it, I suppose, but I'm not doing anything productive either besides typing this little missive. So I will wrap things up, take care of poor Keva and Keegan and start making dinner before heading off to see Kathleen's play. The paper can wait one more day.

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