Thursday, May 20, 2010

Suffering for Jesus

As I write this, Keri Lynn is up in the air on the way to Japan!  Woooo-hoo!  She's "suffering for Jesus" in business class.  Poor thing. 

It's a 14 hour flight.  When she arrives, she'll be 13 hours ahead of us (EST).  So strange to think that she'll be on the other side of the world!  Wow!  The privilege of traveling!

The kids are finishing up their second to last week of school, then we'll be heading into summer.  The days are warm and humid.  It definitely feels like summer already.  It's hard not to turn the air conditioning up and up and up!

I'm finishing up the paperwork for my school starting in June.  A lot of the financial aid that I was counting on isn't coming through, but there is one special grant for graduate students that are committed to teaching in low-income/special needs schools.  There are also loan forgiveness programs for teachers, so I'm hoping that it will end up costing fairly little.  It's tough getting more education so that one can actually get a job!  Ack!

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