Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The sands of time

Keegan is just a few days short of his fourth month! He has grown a lot lately. It won't be long before he's sitting on his own and eating solids. He enjoys playing with his links, batting hanging toys, eating his shirt, and stuffing his fists in his mouth. When I'm late with his bottle, he declares a national emergency. He enjoys "talking" to people. He's just all around CUTE. Love that boy!

My oldest baby is preparing for her trip to Japan. She leaves on Thursday and will be gone for nearly 2 1/2 months. We are running around doing last minute things. I have been overwhelmed with the way so many things have fallen into place for her for this amazing trip. Funds are pretty much all in. She even got a dog-sitting and babysitting job this weekend that earned her a little extra spending money. Whew! I can't wait to see how the Lord will work in her this summer. And I can't wait to see Hongodai Church in action! It is a wonderful community of believers -- a great example to us here in the States.

The rest of the kids are finishing up the last two weeks of school. We get out earlier than most because we start at the beginning of August. I like the schedule. The summer is a little shorter, but we also get more time off during the school year. The kids are more than ready to get out of school!

I was recently made aware of a program available at a college south of where we live. It's a Master's Program that starts full time for the summer, continues at night through the school year and then finishes up full time through the next summer. I'm hoping to get into it this summer, starting June 7! God willing, by the end of next summer, I'll have my Master's in Special Education and be employable. Not that there are any job offerings right now. Our county, as are so many counties, is cutting the education budget like crazy. But eventually, they'll need to start hiring again. And I'll be ready!

We've been struggling mightily with me out of work completely all this last year and that pesky mortgage still due every month! But our bank is at last working with us with a loan reconstruction. Please pray with us, that all will work out in a beneficial manner for us and for the mortgage company. We love our house, but we are prepared, if we need to, to downsize. God is so very gracious to us! There has never been a time that our family's needs have not been met!


June Bostick said...

God will provide again. So glad you arenot walking away from mortgage like a young couple , i know. they are moving to N.C....a new job and they hope a house. how can they as believers rationalize tht choice...have a hard time w/ that.

love thqt you are going back to school.i am thinking it will take that for my 3 grads to get the fire to do it, too. But in what area should I do it?

Jackie said...

The whole mortgage thing is tough. If we can't get the loan reconstruction, we'll have to walk away, too. Very painful, but we would have no choice. However, it looks like we'll be able to work it out and we're grateful for it!

Going back to school seems to be the only way to make me employable. Jobs are incredibly scarce here, as they are in so many other places. It never occured to me when I first started looking for a job that I wouldn't be able to find one! It was a hard lesson to learn that I was just no longer employalbe anymore because I had chosen to stay home with my kids for 16 years.

Humble wife said...

Wow- you all have been busy!

Jackie- I think you are more than employable for choosing to stay home with the kids- no matter what the world thinks.

You will be fine because you have the Lord, and remember this, He knows His own. The house the world etc will all pass, but not His own...and a mansion is being built for each and every one of His own.

Jackie said...

Thank you, Jennifer. We are so thankful for God's provision! Every day, every month, every year!