Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Senior Portraits

I took Keri Lynn as planned to Wal-Mart for Senior pictures. We got a photographer that has been working there for 13 years, Ms. Pat, 65, who works there two days a week just to stay busy. She was more than happy to get us those perfect pictures. For those of you who are local -- go to the Newnan Wal-Mart on Tuesday or Wednesday, ask for Pat and get someone who cares about capturing memories! I love her. I think I'm going to send her the family Christmas letter (It's coming -- really, it is!)

So you will have to go to my blog to see a few of the pictures. I'll try to put them up tonight. If you have Facebook, you can see them on Keri Lynn's page. They are really good! I'm thrilled with them and so giddy about having such a pretty daughter. : ) And, no worries to the grandmas and grandpas. Pictures are coming.

Tomorrow, school starts, so I'm getting myself together and getting to bed before midnight. I think.

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