Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Two Things list

Two names you go by:
1.) Jackie
2.) Mo-om!

Two things you're wearing right now:
1.) Jacket
2.) Scarf (Yes, even in the house -- It's cold!
And I'm whiny about it today!)

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1.) Warm sleep
2.) A full-time job

Who are two people who will fill this out:
1.) Mom
2.) Danny (if he's in a boring meeting)

Two things you did yesterday:
1.) Subbed in a special ed class
2.) Went for CT scan, out to eat and College Night with Keri Lynn

Two things you ate yesterday:
1.) Boring bologna sandwich for lunch
2.) 1/2 order of Nachos for dinner (mmmm-mmmm)

Two people you last talked with:
1.) Keith about a fun GAs night tonight
2.) Keri Lynn and Kathleen about a fun GAs group tonight!

Two things you're doing today (or did today?):
1.) Took the 4th Grade GAs to visit with an elderly shut-in couple.
(They've been married for 63 years!)
2.) Finished reading a book.

Two longest car rides:
1.) When we moved from LA to ATL (Club Wagon and a huge Penske truck)
2.) LA to Colorado on vacation with my family when I was 12

Two favorite beverages:
1.) Coke
2.) Ginger Ale and orange juice together on ice

If you want to answer these questions yourself, go ahead and copy it and put it in comments. I'd love to hear from you!

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