Wednesday, November 05, 2008

This is what it has come to . . .

On my nightstand: one alarm clock, two stuffed animals (Mother's Day gifts), one lamp, one nasal spray, one anti-snoring snuff-stuff, one booklight, and THREE sets of reading glasses.

Note to self: Make that eye appointment before the end of the year!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie~
I laugh so loud when I saw this picture it is very cute, just wait until you have your glasses hanging from your neck and you can't find them, it happen to me a lot and Kevin gets a kik out of it.

Jackie said...

I forgot to post that one of those glasses only has one earholder (or whatever they're called) on it, but I have it there anyway for back-up. It is a rare thing to have all three pair in one place.

Mary Blaustone said...

Looks just like mine ;-0