Friday, June 20, 2008

VBS decompression

At last we are done with VBS. It wasn't that I actually did anything really. I just hung out with Keva and caught up on some crochet projects, finished a book, wrote a little. I think it must be just the work of getting everyone out the door every morning and then back and rested in time to do it all over again the next day that has me and everyone else just pooped.

Later tonight at 7:00, Keri Lynn is expected guests for a casual birthday party game night. She turned 17 over choir tour and we're having a celebration now before June whizzes by. Our house is a mess from all of the coming of going of VBS this week. So what am I doing instead of cleaning, now that we're home? I'm at the computer, of course. I've sent EVERYONE else to bed for a nap because everyone was crabby coming home. Decompression time, I guess. As soon as all have had a little snooze, we'll do our usual panic clean-up time before a party.

Keith has today off, will be working over the weekend in his new lead position. He's over at someone's house working on a possible third car for our family. If we can get it in decent running condition, it may be Keri Lynn's car, should she ever get her license. She's finally taking Driver's Ed next year. Since she didn't have a health class through the public school system, she still has to take a drug/alcohol awareness class through the DMV before she can get her driver's license.

Kristofer will probably get his permit at the same time Keri Lynn gets hers which will TOTALLY disgust her!

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