Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day = Mother's Day?

Keith just got word that he'll be able to join us for our trip to California after all! He's gotten the week off. He may not be able to stay the full week because he needs to insure that he gets back before he starts work again.

We had a very nice Father's Day. For weeks, Keith has been complaining about the inequity of Father's Day when compared to Mother's Day. So I asked the kids what we should do to make this Father's Day extra special for Daddy. They shrugged, said they didn't know and went back to whatever they were doing.

Kidding. Totally kidding!

Regardless of how Father's Day actually panned out for Keith, I did get some great pictures, and that's all that really matters in the long run.

On a more serious note, I am so grateful for my husband and the father of my kids. He is the anchor and rudder of our family. This is true only because he is a godly man who himself is under the authority of The Anchor and The Rudder.

Right after Father's Day, we plunged into the craziness that is Vacation Bible School. We've already finished our second day, mornings, 8:30 to noon. I'm not exhausted like I've been previous years because it's just me and Keva hanging out. I've been taking my crochet projects with me, along with a book and a notebook to keep me entertained. Kristofer is helping with the tech stuff -- sound, lighting, video, etc. Keri Lynn is helping with the two-year-olds and Kathleen is helping with the four-year-olds. Everyone else is actually IN VBS. We've got a new high of over 400 kids attending this year. That's a lot of energy!

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Connie said...

Where are my pics? I can't wait till you get here and I can see you in person!!!