Friday, June 13, 2008

California, here we come!

We've finally nailed down a week for our whirlwind trip to California! We're very excited. It's been a while since our last trip. We'll be staying primarily with Mom and Rich. And we need a car! So if there are any readers out there in the So. Cal. area with an "extra" car that they wouldn't mind giving up for a week -- let us know! And if anyone wants to take us out for a meal, let us know! Or go with us to the beach, let us know!

Mooch, mooch, mooch.

Anyway, here are the dates. Mark your calendar! We'll attempt to arrive in California on Tuesday, June 24 and stay through Tuesday, July 1.

Here's a list of some things (not in particular order) that we're interested in doing with family and friends:

1) Beach, of course
2) Pollo Inka (This is mine!)
3) Park dates
4) Journey of Faith (our old church -- which sounds funny because it's not OLD)
5) My Grandma's place
6) Some kind of girls' night out somewhere!

Keith surprised me last night by saying that he was going to try to get some time off to go with us to California after all. It still is a little up in the air, but we'd finally decided to just go, me and the kids, and he'd have to stay. He hasn't been to California since we moved, so he'd really like to go! We'll have to see what happens.

Meanwhile, Keith has been working in a swirl of details, as he learns his lead position at work. Delta has been trying a new training method with the leads and Keith's group are guinea pigs, in every sense of the word.

I paid $3.96 a gallon for gas yesterday and counted myself lucky. What are you all paying?


Mary Blaustone said...

Sure wish you were visiting here up north. I'd love to meet you in person some time. At least before we see the Lord :-)

We're paying $4.59/gallon right now. I know it's pretty much the same in So.Cal as well. The U.S. finally gets to experience how the rest of the world's been living.
Wake up America!

Jackie said...

Thanks, Mary! I love the blogging community!

Jackie said...

Maria in Los Angeles reports that she's paying $4.37 and that's from Costco -- lowest rate in the area -- I know from personal experience!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jackie! We would love to see you guys and take you out to dinner. You can use one of our cars if you want. My last day of work is on the 24th!! We will be free till the 2nd of July then Jes and I will be flying out to St. Louis. If you need anything when you are in town let us know. Love, Dan

Jackie said...

Danny -- Perfect! Thank you! We're so excited to see everyone and give you both special hugs for that little one on the way!

Jackie said...

My Aunt Marcia in Seattle reports gas at $4.15

BoufMom9 said...

Hi! I think I paid $3.98 yesterday. (in NJ) Pretty sure Nj is one of the lowest in the country...

I wanted to pop over & say"hi". It's always nice to meet other "mega mommies".

:) Debi

Waynel said...

I was about to go on line and rent you a car, but looks like Danny and Connie are coming through for you in the transportion area - we are all so excited about you coming - love the pictures of the daddy and all the wonderful growing children. GOD IS GOOD TO OUR FAMILY. Love, Mom