Thursday, March 11, 2010

I've got sunshine!

Yesterday, along with the dreariness of a rainy day, Kody was sick and threw up three humongously gross piles of vomit on the carpet and breakfast room floor. Since I was overdue for a trip to the grocery store, did I have any paper towels? No. Napkins? No. Did I want to use some old towels? No. Did I want to even deal with the vomit? No!!! So I got Kristofer to at least get up the main disgusting part of it by scraping it onto some cardboard box pieces. (At least I think that's how he did it. I didn't stick around to find out!) Instead, I put Kody in the bathroom and went back to bed after the kids left for school. Then, when Keith got home, I told him about the mess that was now increased by yet more vomit or, as it turned out, diarrhea in the guest bathroom where Kody stayed all day.

This mess prompted a trip to the store to buy a STEAM CLEANER! Our third since our move to Georgia! We wear them out, you see! Anyway, it had been a couple of years since we'd had a working steam cleaner, so we were very excited to put this one right to use! Keith got a ton of hubby brownie points taking care of the dog mess.

Now we've got to deal with the turtles. It appears that both of them have FINALLY kicked the bucket. I actually feel kind of bad for them, even after all of my fussing about their stinkiness. With all of the excitement of having the baby, we've been neglecting them. I think they died of lack of water. Poor things. Turtles don't bark or make themselves a nuisance when they need water like Kody does. I think from now on, we will avoid all things amphibian and reptilian.

Today, the sun came out again. My heart lightened along with the weather. This winter seems to have been exceptionally cold and long -- others agree with me, so I know it's not just my hormones talking. It was warm enough today to even go for a walk! I am SO looking forward to spring. We've been in the 60s all week, and it has been heavenly!

I got a ton of stuff done today because of the sunshine -- a lot of phone calls, laundry, dishes, and desperately-needed organizing. But I didn't get to the grocery store like I had wanted to. So, Keith picked up some McDonald's chicken sandwiches and McDoubles for the hungry mob. (We only serve the very best of nutrition here at the Johnson household.) Only, I really wanted some chips and salsa. Badly wanted. At the urge-of-crying wanted. In fact, what I really wanted to do was take the whole gang off to El Charro's, our favorite Mexican restaurant, but it wasn't going to work with Keith's schedule. So, he surprised me and brought home some chips and salsa along with McDonald's. Chips and salsa have never tasted so good!

Keith has been scoring some very excellent husband points lately.

Daylight Savings Time is coming once again. I get so depressed when I have to wake up an hour earlier. It takes a good couple of weeks to get used to the time shift. It's just not natural! I guess I am not a morning person AT ALL! It seems like we just got back to Standard Time!

Keegan turns seven weeks tomorrow. He is growing like a weed. Maybe it's all the rain and cold. Nothing to do for him but eat and grow and fill his pants and eat and grow some more. He is already wearing 3-6 month clothes and becoming more and more animated. He makes us all into ridiculous sounding fools when we're around him because we'll do anything to make him smile and coo at us.

Sometime next week, Keegan should be wearing 12 month clothes, or maybe 2T. Good grief, kid!


Qtpies7 said...

LOL They do grow so fast! But I hope for your sake he isn't in 12 month clothes next week.

I am glad for the sunshine, too. The two days it lasted, anyway.

Jackie said...

You're not kidding, Lisa! I need to start putting away the newborn clothes! He's grown out of his little sleepers. Sigh!