Monday, June 13, 2011

Just go ahead and bulldoze it!

The house is a complete and utter disaster. And by disaster, I do not mean that dishes are piled everywhere and laundry has overrun the house, even though both statements are true. I mean that every nook and cranny could use a little love and attention. It would be so much better for my state of mind to simply start cleaning and to get kids to help me clean, but that would take EFFORT. And I don't want to put out any effort! I am so done with dong anything productive!

So I'll write this email instead.

I am already done with one week of school. This is the easy part of summer sessions. Mornings only, three days a week. In July, I'll be in class every weekday until July 20th and then I'll be DONE! Minus one more on-line course that needs to be done for certification but not for getting my Master's degree. I am very excited about getting it done, especially after the months' long scare about whether or not I'd be able to afford those last summer classes! God has been so very gracious in His provision.

Keri Lynn is well entrenched in her life in Japan. She stays busy with street evangelism, English classes and homeless ministries. I love keeping up with her life on facebook. She recently posted pictures and a video of a street she crosses every day, an intersection that is called the busiest intersection in the entire world! I'm so glad that she's able to experience this time in Japan, but more importantly, I love to hear her learning and growing in the Lord. Keith told me, last time he "chatted" with her on facebook that our girl is grown up. I think he may be right.

Next week, we'll be heading into VBS week at our church and I've got to figure out how we're going to work that out with my school schedule and the fact that we truly are down to one car. I carpool with my friend to get back and forth from school and Keith drives the truck to work. The van sits in our driveway trying vainly to look pretty. Instead, it just comes off as its usual creepy self. The Creepy Kidnapper Van. Kind of sad, really.

I am actually contemplating the notion of having Keith get a motorcycle so that we can have two vehicles again. The economy does not look like it's going to get better any time soon and a motorcycle may be our only alternative, as much as I hate the idea of it. Even Kristofer and Kathleen like the idea of motorcycles. We have hung tough on our plan to let the kids figure out how they'll be getting their own transportation. If they want a car to drive, they have to figure out how to pay for it and pay for insurance. So far, it hasn't happened. Makes it a little inconvenient as the family chauffeur, but people need to go where people need to go.

Speaking of needing to go, I had talked briefly about doing a Bible study at my house. That was before the opportunity of school came back into the picture. Time is very limited once again. However, I'm thinking of starting an Internet Bible study! Anyone interested? I'm going to post some scripture to read and questions to answer and (if I can figure out how to do it for free) get either a website or a blog with thread commenting. If you don't know what threads are, those are the comments where someone can comment on a specific comment, not necessarily on the post itself, thus making it easier to follow any dialog on one particular subject or thread. I think I want to start with one of my favorite people. Elijah. I don't know when I'll get it off the ground, but it should be fairly soon. I've got to get ready for a midterm on Wednesday and a presentation on Friday, and then I'll have a little more wiggle room!

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