Saturday, March 26, 2011

Solo teaching

I have finished my two week solo teaching. It was a very valuable and interesting and exhausting experience, made all the more challenging with Keegan's ear infection and some kind of intestinal bug that traveled through everyone in the house. Teaching four eighth grade classes a day seemed fairly easy compared to what was going on at home! I still need to hone my classroom management skills, but I think I'll be able to produce good lesson plans wherever I end up teaching. That's the fun part -- lesson plans. I've always enjoyed putting together a calendar. With this particular program that I'm in, the more "out of the box" the better.

The best news lately, though, has been Kristofer's acceptance to two of the three colleges he applied to. We're waiting to find out about the third one, GCSU, where Keri Lynn attends school. That's his first choice, so we'll see. It's nice to know that the other two are a possibility, though. A lot of the pressure is now off, and we can begin the process of getting him ready to go to college in the fall. I can't believe he is so close to graduating.

Keri Lynn is also in waiting mode, waiting to find out what will happen this summer. She was planning to go to Japan as an intern this summer, but with all that is going on there, she's afraid that the church will cancel her internship. All the missionaries in the area have already been evacuated further south in Japan because of the radiation scare.

Keegan is now 14 months. He is growing like a weed. We all get the biggest kick out of watching him walk around investigating his world. He does not like to be in the family room. He considers it a prison because we've always got it barricaded to keep him from getting too much trouble. The moment it is not barricaded, he practically runs to the opening and makes a break for it to freedom of the house. He particularly loves to run up and down the hall being chased by whoever is supposed to be keeping an eye on him.

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