Monday, August 30, 2010

Still 2010

It is a sign of the times that I had to fix the date in the Subject Box from 2011 back to 2010. It's not that I'm ahead of myself, but that I've been doing a lot of things in preparation for 2011. That's going to be a big year. Kristofer is set to graduate from high school. God willing, I'll have a real job. Keith may be working a different type of job at Delta that will keep him busier than ever. There are just a lot of things up in the air. As usual.

It's Monday this morning. I've already done three loads of laundry and a load of dishes. I've had time to read God's word -- which always puts things in their proper persective. Kids are off to school. Baby is sitting in his bouncer seat beating up on his toys and talking to himself. (He has just caught my eye and may decide that he doesn't want to be in the bouncer seat anymore, but in my arms!) He is such a good natured little guy until he is thwarted in what he wants, whether it be food or attention or a nap.

This afternoon, I'll be going to the high school to meet with Kristofer's guidance counselor. We really need to start putting some plans into action for life after high school. He's not going to be able to take the path that Keri Lynn has taken, in that his grades aren't fabulous. What I'm hoping is that he'll be able to find some kind of work-study program, an internship of some kind, that will help him get his degree and learn some important work skills to get him settled as a working man. It's hard to believe that my sweet little baby boy who told our life story to strangers in the supermarket is getting to be so grown up. He has so many talents with his creative bent. He's also very good with technology. That's why he is so in love with his new camera that he got for his birthday. If you're not on facebook already, then you'll need to be just to see his beautiful pictures. He wants to take a photography class, and I'm hoping he'll be able to take one in college. I don't think he has enough time left to take one in high school.

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June Bostick said...

God gave your little one a will and hence the desire to cut into your down time.He also gave your precious Kristofer different gift and your act of faith is to trust God in bringing them to fruition. How great is our God.