Sunday, January 24, 2010


Anonymous said...
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Grandma Walker said...

Dear ones, I don't know who's writing stupid stuff to you but the administrator of the blogs took out the comment in your earlier blog. Good for them!!! They're watching to make sure people don't make huge errors in posting something dumb to you.
"Gather roses while you may" isn't that bad, but it's not great, either. Let's just change it to "let the desert roses bloom with the arrival of darling Keegan!"
So glad to have these posts and pictures of every kind - we are so proud of you, Jackie, for having this child and you can be assured that we all are echoing the words of the Scripture where it says, "for this child I prayed."
He does have the shape of your dad's head. Cute. You did, too.
Love to you all 10!!! Mom

Jackie said...

I'm the blog administrator.
I need to update my blog more. When it is left alone too long, it gets comment spam.