Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's true!

So, I had an ultrasound today to confirm a due date . . . of a baby . . . that, if everything goes well, is supposed to arrive sometime in January.



I'm 43. By January, I'll be 44. I was officially of "Advanced Maternal Age" when I gave birth to Konner, but now I don't really buck that label. Things are a little different now days than when I was under OB care last. Now, I can get my prenatal vitamins over the counter. My OB has really cool examination robes that leave a little space for dignity. Ultrasound pictures are sent via email. I did all my paperwork on-line. If I have odd questions in the middle of the night, I can go on-line and ask! It's like I've been transported into the role of George Jetson's wife.

For all of you interested in the baby stats, I'm just nine weeks along. I only found out half way through the first week of summer vacation earlier this month when I started feeling kind of nauseous. It occurred to me then that it had been awhile since my last period. In fact, it had been QUITE a while. But with everything going on with Keri Lynn's graduation and end-of-year general excitement, I forgot about it. So I swung by a pharmacy, picked up a couple of pregnancy tests, came home and -- WHAM! -- got a positive result.

Oh, yeah.

Since then, I've spent a great deal of time finding a good high-risk pregnancy doctor, adjusting to changes in my blood pressure meds, and dealing with the heat of summer. It is HOT in Newnan! I've also had two kids out of the country, and now VBS. In short, my house is a complete and total disaster because I don't have energy to do anything, plus I need to keep my feet up a lot.

We told the kids tonight. All the girls are thrilled to pieces. Konner is excited about not being the baby anymore. We know from prior experience that once you tell the kids, the rest of the world knows, too. So we called our parents who, I think, all took it pretty well, considering. : )

As for Keith and me, we take God at His word that children are blessings. We have not done anything to prevent pregnancy throughout our marriage and look what He has given us! We thought that we might indeed be done, though, with the lag time, especially after Kylie, Kade and Konner came in such quick succession, but that was not God's plan. Strollers, Pack N Plays, changing tables have been ancient history, but should God decide to continue this little life that is only about an inch long, then we'll be breaking out that kind of equipment again.



June Bostick said...

AS i said before you are all precious to us and we will pray for ahealthy Baby and Jackie.

Jackie said...

Thank you, June!

SniperedPastor said...

to help you with naming might I suggest a wonderful, stirring, unique and multi-spellable name. And since I can guess the initials I am going out on a limb to suggest

boys names:
Kirby Lemongello Johnson OR
Kirby Lexluthor Johnson

girls names:
Kyrby Lithe Johnson
Kyrby Lauryn Johnson

I got the first middel name idea from a set of twins named Lemongello and Orangello where the "mon" is pronounced as in Montessori and the "g" is soft.
the second idea is just unique given the letter choices.

Jackie said...

I'm racking my head trying DESPERATELY to figure out the identity of Snipered Pastor!

Renee said...

Yay, congrats!! So excited for you all. You'll have lots of help and the baby will be very loved! Children are, indeed, a blessing from the Lord.

Aunt "again" Connie said...

I am so excited!!! I am telling strangers on the street...I can't wait to you come and visit. I hope you "crave" some midnight ice cream and are over your morning sickness...

Aunt "again" Connie

Jackie said...

Thank you, Renee!

Connie, I'm always up for ice cream!

Qtpies7 said...

I thought the twins were Orangello and Grangello, for orange and green jello, lol.

The weirdest thing happened to me last night. I was driving the royalty home and one of the princesses piped up from the backseat and asked me if I follow blogs, like that Family Daze one that I link to. And proceeded to tell me that you are having a baby, lol.
So, the girl who signed Kaytlin up is one of your blog stalkers, just so you know. (me thinks she is going to be another large family mom one day!)
I am so excited for you guys! I almost wish I was still pregnant so we could be pregnant together, but I am very content with where God has me, and not puking constantly while trying to get through this summer of royalty chaufering. I can't believe how close our due dates would have been! I would be 12 weeks now.

Jackie said...

Tell Kaytlin "hi" and that I don't have many blog stalkers. I feel a little like a celebrity now. : )

Anonymous said...

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