Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Traveling would be so much more fun if you didn't have to pack!

I hit the ground running today with this vague notion that I'd clean every single dirty piece of laundry in the house. Fourteen hours and 12 loads later, I'm here to report that although I didn't clean every piece of dirty laundry, I did manage to wash enough clothes so that kids will not go naked on an airplane tomorrow. That, my friends, is an accomplishment these days!

I also got pizza for dinner so that there would be very few dishes to deal with at the last minute. Keith seems to think that Kody will be okay left at home while he's at work, so I didn't need to get a dog sitter. Whew! If I didn't have to pack, I think I would like traveling a whole lot more!

I'm getting up tomorrow at 4:30, kids up by 5:00, in the hopes of not running out the door in sheer panic because we're running late. I bought those yummy pancake sausage on-a-stick thingies and some orange juice for a quick breakfast. Everything is pretty much packed. The plan is to have a simple nice travel day tomorrow. Granted, I'm probably going to be a tad grumpy for lack of sleep, but at least I'll be able to catch a few Z's while in the air, but only if one of my kids is sitting nearby to elbow me if I start to snore.

It's very embarrassing to snore on an airplane.

I gave Keva a bath tonight, a nice long warm one, to encourage any diaper activity tonight as opposed to on the plane tomorrow, because way more embarrassing than snoring on a plane is changing a stinky 14-year-old on a plane. Haven't had to change her on a plane in a long time. THANK GOD!

Anyway, I left Keva in the bath to soak while I took a few minutes to check Facebook. (I am addicted.)

A few minutes changed into about 20, and I came running back into the bathroom to find out that Keva had not only taken care of business in the bathtub, but had thrown it all around the bathroom. I'm sure she was giggling all the while. (Sorry, to all my queasy-stomached readers.) So that was way fun to clean up when I should have been doing a few other packing chores, but at least I won't have to worry about an accident on the plane tomorrow!

For those of you in California, I just wanted to write out a quick itinerary, as I know it.


12:15 -- Pick-up at airport and go back to Mom's house as home base. (Johnson invasion)

midafternoon -- visit with Stan
5:00ish -- Meet with Danny and Jessica

4:00 -- Dockweiler Beach (at the end of Imperial) for hot dogs and Smores. Anyone is welcome to come join us! The weather is supposed to be cleared up by then, but if it's too cold, then we're going back to Mom's.

12:00 -- Visit SBFA
4:00 -- Dinner at Grandma's
7:00 -- Keri Lynn's sleepover at Missy's

And that's about all I know for sure. It's a short but sweet visit.  Impromptu, so not a lot of planning.


June Bostick said...

call and leave a number to reach you. Don't want to drive to Dockweiler only to not see you.

Qtpies7 said...

Have a great trip!
And yucko on the bathroom, but oh, have I been there! Thankfully, my poop cleaning days seem to be over, but for awhile there I was worried.
But yeah, I'd rather the bathroom than the plane.

Anonymous said...

Leaving a comment

Mom said...

Leaving a comment, trying to understand how to comment. Love, MOM