Monday, December 15, 2008

Is it Monday?

I'm not sure which end is up these days. Is it Monday? I think it is because I went to work today. I've been working at a local middle school for the past few weeks and enjoying the steady hours very much. It's just nice to go to the same place every day and interact with the same people! This stint is done by Thursday when school lets out for Christmas break, and then hopefully I'll find something through the holidays. I haven't been looking very hard because of everything going on with the kids' schedules.

Just this weekend, I went to a jewelry party on Friday night, cleaned house Saturday day, then Keith and I went to our Sunday School Christmas party Saturday night, church Sunday morning followed by the high school choir fundraiser luncheon (in which I helped with cooking and cleaning), then the Christmas cantata Saturday night (involving Keri Lynn, Kristofer and Kathleen), then a choir covered dish dinner to finish off the weekend.

It's not surprising that I've now got a raging headache that just doesn't want to go away. I'm not getting enough sleep. But I'm going to take care of that right away! We've just finished dinner. I'm about to put Keva down. Keith has just left with the three cantata kids for their second and final performance tonight. The rest of us are going to bed! Whoo-hoo! I'm so excited! I'm just not a party girl, I guess!

Good night, everybody!


Qtpies7 said...

I've been paying for the late nights. I just can't take it any more. It is making it impossible to fight off germs!

Were you sighing on my comments about my major crush on Keanu, the fact that I even posted that, or the stupid movie and it's ridiculous green agenda? LOL

June Bostick said...

Yes, you are a party girl. But can't burn the andle at both ends. God desires us to rest(literally and in Him.) But I should talk. I just don't get things done anymore.

Jackie said...

Lisa -- that would be a "yes" about Keanu. : )

June -- Rest? Yes, that would be really nice! A nap right now sounds especially nice!

Connie said...

Where are all my wonderful blog posts? I miss them...I miss you more!!! Blessings this Christmas Eve! Love your favorite sister!